One thought on “Shit White Guys Say to Black Girls

  1. Last one gets pity points for a solid reference IMO, provided he meant the original and not the toothless Kutcher remake. But damn that must feel like being under siege.

    I think I know why this nervousness happens, though not necessarily the other nonsense, although I see everything through a political lense. But it seems to me that as the ideology of racism has become a social faux paus faster than the practice of racism, white moderates have become attached to the label “anti-racist” while still being racist. So they get super defensive about it, and their interactions with black people revolve around an almost pathological need to establish themselves as “not racist” and a fear that they will be seen as racist, which is also why even among other whites you will hear overtly racist statements bracketed by denials of racism. “I’m not racist, but…”. I think that explains the nervousness but not the ignorant stuff you hear in this video. Ignorance is probably the best explanation for the ignorant stuff you hear in this video.

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