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As I prepare for a Summer stint across the pond, I thought I’d repost this lovely piece written exclusively for by my favorite New Zealander, not to confused with Zoolander, Jim O’Donnell.

Know your Foreign Honky

For many African American women, the wider world appears to be a daunting place. Sadly for many it also feels unobtainable. Yes we are in 21st Century but there are historical, financial and racial barriers in the US that have prevented many African American women from expanding their relationship horizons. But once you ladies realise that large amounts of foreign white men find African American women amazing, further that, many other cultures may well be more relaxed about interracial dating and relationships, then things get a whole lot rosier. Thus I had to agree with the sentiments voiced here by ‘Armywife’ on Yahoo answers.

I was in Germany for 6 years and I met plenty of German men, or French men that were married to former service members that were black women, and vice versa. The whole world is not obsessed about colour the way we are here in America.

While the above comment is obviously aimed at men from continental Europe, I suggest the reader start out with native English speakers from Commonwealth countries and branch out from there. The more confidence you have with us guys outside your zone, the more confident you will be meeting white guys from more exotic European destinations. If you haven’t bumped into him on the street, the internet is a cheap and easy way of going about meeting us foreign white stallions. Further, if you strike up a good rapport on the net who knows? You could end up splitting the cost of travel 50/50 or hell he could be nice enough for you to pay and visit or he could come and see you.

But don’t pop the cork to soon sisters. Stella hasn’t got her groove back just yet!

Take Advice From One

The big problem is American’s geographical skills. Not to mention their knowledge of the outside world is, what we call in New Zealand, ‘shit house’. Sadly, African Americans have also been victims of believing the world is the USA and that “We are the World” ( benevolent yet naïve world view has not made the U.S the most popular of countries in recent times. So here’s my first piece of advice:

  1. Shut up! If you have not done so, I advise educating yourself about the planet and perceptions of the U.S before you venture forth. It’s often very daunting for U.S citizens to comprehend, but it’ll increase your knowledge and you’ll avoid being ‘that’ American of cliché. Learn elementary geography and linguistics. For example, “I like people who live in English” was one of the more used comments I encountered when I visited the land of the free. So for starters, English is a language. Great Britain which consists of Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and of course England, where ‘English’ originated. As you know, it is the dominant language spoken in the United States. But it’s also the dominant language in Canada, The Republic of Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, which are also its other major hubs. If you really want to jump in at the deep end, read Maureen Jenkins excellent blog about the importance of ‘sisters’ understanding the History and social mores of places like France or Italy ( This respect, I might add, goes for anywhere anyone should travel.
  1. This might sound odd, but save yourself the heart ache of assuming every white guy will dig you just because he likes Black women. Don’t assume every white guy will find you attractive. You may look like Beyoncé or Niki McElroy but there are guys out there who may like larger physiques, like darker skin tones, hair styles etc. Endeavour to find out about the preferences of your white men where ever they may be. This isn’t stating shape up or ship out. We all have preferences of what we want and you, the reader, are no different.
  1. Be a friend first and let the relationship develop. Don’t be a dick and fall in love after one chat (that goes for anyone). Chances are that due to distance and circumstance, you may never actually meet any one designated person. But if you know a few more lads from different locales, your chances increase. So go ahead play the field. Enjoy the friendships, enjoy the flirting and what happens, happens! If just if, he turns up right away, well, that’s a wonderful bonus.
  1. Black American culture (or the world’s skewed perception of it) is universal. The oddest thing however, is that very few people have actually met African Americans. Fewer still have actually met African American women (which is a real shame). No matter where you visit, you will still attract attention simply because you are not the sort of person seen or heard regularly in far flung places like Australia and New Zealand. Stares, however, do not denote racism or disapproval of you. In fact it’s likely the opposite. Don’t be too sensitive about it. Have fun with communications. With one or two polite words, you’ll generally have folks eating out of your hand. Just be prepared to answer the same questions a few times (

One of the downsides to popular culture is the use of sexual imagery. In certain places around the world, some cultures have developed a skewed view of African American women. Rap lyrics and all manner of music videos often haven’t helped the situation. I’ve heard numerous first hand instances of Asian men in China, Japan and some parts of India rather innocently refer to black women as ‘hoes’ and men as ‘niggers’ in an effort to impress upon their African American visitors how much they ‘dug’ them. This is unlikely to happen in Australia, New Zealand or elsewhere, however I’d advise one think about the Plane route they take to these or other enclaves of white masculinity.

  1. While they say it’s the skill of the magician, not the size of the wand. White guys are most definitely hung enough to satisfy any cravings. Yes, as Niki and other African American females who have dated us have been at odds to point out.
  1. As for a sense of humour, most non-American European males take the crap outta themselves. They also don’t generally take offence at racial terms describing themselves. In much the same way as others may do. My friends and I have honestly laughed our asses off when we have heard racial remarks. Hell, I describe myself as a Gringo, Honky, Cracker, White Trash and worse. Now while I don’t advise going around the place saying this stuff to every European you meet, depending on the context and environment, they are surprisingly kosher and humorous terms. But our indifference to all manner of slurs may come at a price. A small few may fail to realise how offensive some terms may be to others, in particularly, after some beers. So iron out these sorts of issues in the getting to know you, period.

Meeting us Foreign Honkies Online

In Niki’s book you will find all manner of tips about meeting white guys. What to do and what to say. My advice with meeting foreign white guys online would be to give everything a go. Free Dating sites are pretty useful and all manner of countries have them. Interracial dating sites may be even better. Sadly very few have much of an international component and most cost. My internet advice is essentially similar to Niki’s advice for social interactions and dating. Think about what interests you may share with a white guy and go to that forum, site or networking page. It’s those interests, not your colour funnily enough which will hold your relationship together. Just take precautions as per usual, always get photographic evidence and definitely try web-camming. I know this has all kinds of connotations to it (most of them slightly dodgy). But I’d do it just to figure out if this dude is the real deal. Further don’t send anybody money.

In all of this the key is be safe, cool, learn, have fun and don’t run before you walk. I’d also advise reading the comments after this piece. Oh and hassle Niki if you ladies want more of my foreign Honky advice and opinions.

Till next time.

Kiwi Jim

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