4 thoughts on “ASK NIKI

  1. nitramrobert says:

    Hi Niki,

    Just stumbled over your Tinder profile. Great idea about interracial dating. You are in Vegas right now? Time to chat?

    Talk soon

  2. sdg757 says:

    I watched your video. It was so on point. LOL Good stuff. You found a niche because there’s lots of guys that need to read this. LOL

  3. simong121 says:

    I was interested ot watch ur videos and found u very helpful and also attractive. Are u dating anyone right now?

    1. nikimac says:

      Thank you Simon! To answer your question, yes I am dating someone, although the articles I write are based off of other “non current” experiences. I like to keep my dating life private out of respect for my partner.

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