I am a Black Woman and I Date White Men.

When my black girlfriends discover the fact that I date white men, they think I’m crazy. They don’t understand what a white man has to offer a black woman and why I would continuously choose to date melanin deficient males. The ladies constantly question what role money, sex and power play in inter-racial dating and if it’s worth giving it a try.

This all inspired me to write the book. Among the pages I give you the answers to the questions that I know you have been dying to ask and whether you laugh or cry or even find offense, at the end of the day, this is my story. And hey, now I can say I’m a published author and get more white men who know I’m interested!

The first time I heard my mother tell a friend, “There aren’t enough good black men” I wondered why she was looking for a “black man” as opposed to a “man”. As I grew older I went through MANY MANY MANY dating experiences (did I mention MANY?). What I realized through all of it is that each culture offers it’s own unique “stereo-typical” traits.  – Niki McElroy 

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