cropped-BlackgirlsGuidetodating5x8frontcover4.jpgThis book is a guide to help Black Women maneuver through the dating process as it pertains to dating white men. It entails bits of history, stories, recipes and jokes. The Author urges black women to open their options and to give white men a try.


“I think many women limit themselves to dating only within their race. I believe we should be opened minded to all races. In dealing with white men, I’ve found my self thinking, either this guy isn’t into black girls or he’s assuming I don’t have interest in white men. From reading Niki’s book, I’ve realized sometimes its neither and just maybe we could all use a little help. I believe Niki’s book delivers that help in a hilariously honest way. -Meagan Good, actress

Its an easy read, with simple guidelines that work. -Patrice Hollis, Playboy Playmate

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  1. @ Thomas, I must say I agree with the African American culture stuff, I’m Nigerian and my dad and brothers always roll their eyes when I mention African Americans and they especially have little regard for the men (please no one should take offence)..I love the videos and wish I’d found this site sooner. can’t wait to travel abroad and finally start dating interacially and hopefully marry someone outside my race soon. same race things bore me to death and it’s worse here in Nigeria when people actually expect you to marry from your own tribe or region at least. it works for a lot of people but for someone like me I’d get bored in no time..books like yours will certainly help me on my journey. Merci!

  2. iam a swazi girl aged 24who has found it very difficult 2 meet a white guy my age… its always older men i mean in their mid 50s and iam not looking 4 a sugar daddy… iam very hopefull that my guy is coming *thinking Positive*

  3. I definitely plan to purchase the book. I believe in being as prepared as much as possible for anything. I’ve also been scouring the web for information regarding what to expect when dating someone from another culture. I’ve always been interested in white guys since I was 15. I believe the opportunity never presented itself to date one. One, I’ve been in two relationships my whole adult life both black men. Two, while I’ve noticed attention from white men, none of them ever approach me. I’ve been told that I should make the first move, but I’m old fashioned when it comes to dating. So, I’m hoping the guide will shed some light on making connections.

    • Hi. I don’t know where you live, so this may not be accurate for you, but i live in Berkeley, California, and i personally am reluctant to approach women i don’t know, all women, not just black ones. Lots of aggressive and/or weird guys have made many women wary of any attention from men they don’t know, even regarding looking at them. I find this even in a music/dance club i go to regularly, even from regulars who have seen me many a time. Consider ways to make guys whom you would want to approach feel comfortable doing so. I find the negative reactions even more so when the women are black, which is a problem, given i find black women especially attractive, at least those i do find attractive (which as i’ve said is not all women, regardless of ethnicity). The whole set of public social interactions needs a reset.

  4. Very interesting material. I like your youtube videos, perfect mixture of humor and seriousness. I’m not fond of the very term “white,” as i think “European-American” is far more accurate, a term which doesn’t collapse people of very different backgrounds into a single category, and for another, it’s a term invented by people in colonial-era America who were intent upon dividing people and obscuring reality. I have dated black women, though i haven’t dated anyone in a long time, never quite recovered from a marriage (not to a black woman). My experience was that each black woman i was in some sort of relationship with was different than the others. Also thought that the division of “white men” into three categories leaves out many who fit into more than one of these and/or none of these, such as for example deadheads who may be professionals and yet have “edgy” aspects. It would be ridiculous to pretend that i don’t notice the woman i may be dating is black, but the point is to not let that be determining of everything about the relationship. It would be one factor amongst several, indeed many.

  5. I am 47 year old white 6 foot 1 215 pounds I always said I hope to meet a black woman meet the right one and marry her .I am singleand come from a little island called P.E. I. I WAS NEVER WITH A BLACK LADY IN MY LIFE.AND LIKELY NEVER GET TO TAKE ONE ON A DATE.

  6. I’ve been dating a black woman for well over a year. we got engaged and will be getting married Feb 14 2015. There have been some chalanges, racial differences, Biggotry by others. The thing is, we dont see anything different about us than people in a non interelationship would. We are just two people. Sure we come from very different backgrounds. Very different lives! You never know where love will blosom until you take a chance. I never would have imagined myself in this relationship.

  7. Hii Nikki
    i Myself have never dated a guy outside my race.ges its cos of fear of what might happen.Anyway i have no objection to it and am looking forward for it.am a beautiful black African girl.

  8. Hi Niki,
    I’ve never dated a black women but have dated women from Southeast Asia. I find I love the contrast between myself and women of other races but a ghetto persona does makes me shy away. I also like slim, trim features so please don’t feel you are “ass deficient”. To me a black woman with small, muscular posterior is stunningly attractive. You are an incredibly attractive woman, keep up the good work.


  9. Niki — a) love the blog and b) love the vids of you. Well done. I just started dating black women and all I can tell you is that I have never been happier. I grew up very “sheltered” and came to a realization that I just find black women more sexy, more beautiful and more interesting than others I have met before. I cant explain it other than personal preference. And I find that they challenge me intellectually in a way different from anyone — because I rarely share the same experiences — and this is a good thing. Keep it up. Your insights help me and ground me so I can keep from thinking that I am insane. :)

  10. : Throw the word ‘ today ‘ I spend my lonely days which are fleeting; moments of illusion which never fail to be happy; love our hearts feelings…… ‘ Almost forgot never pass on an opportunity: I never throw away,or carelessly waste my time thinking about you … and … ‘ Love it although one never clearly understands it reflects the love you have, on the other hand, never deny… ‘ I don’t want to ignore my simple heart which is busy loving you ‘ I should accept everything that happens and the many suitors will have been waiting for your love…… ‘ Over to the end of my days my poetry is written about you … …

  11. Don’t know why I’ve always dated beautiful confident black women, may having Muslim Nanny in Morocco, or when young boy fluffy black women doting on me is my most pleasant childhood memory. Against social norms of my time resentment and threats of brothers, in college , marriage, parent of grown children , but I tend to set bar high most have been foreign and most held American black culture in contempt; currently my girlfriend is Nigerian with strict father and very long international

  12. I’m a white man dating a beautiful black woman who never dated outside her race before. It took me to go to an all black hang out to meet her, but we’ve been together a year now. I am amazed at the amount of WM and BW together these days. I’ve dated outside my race before but it was not as acceptable as it is now. Books like yours certainly help the cause!

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